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Wellness Programs in Companies Work!

According to Occupational Health & Safety- Employee wellness programs have proven and documented positive returns for both employers and employees.
Advantages to the Employer Whether or not they have made the move to invest in the health of their employees, most company leaders acknowledge that a healthier workforce will benefit them, and why not? According to the Wellness Council of America, results are impressive:
  • A company gains an average of $5.81 for every dollar invested in health management programs.
  • They reduce sick-leave absenteeism by an average of 26.8 percent.
  • They reduce health care costs by 26 percent.
  • They reduce worker's compensation and disability management claims costs by 32 percent.
Advantages to the Employee Likewise, employees are seeing the benefits of wellness programs. According to the Principal Financial Well-being index for American Workers, 62 percent of employees believe workplace wellness activities are successful in improving health and reducing risks (up from 55 percent in 2011). American employees who are healthier approach their work with more energy and motivation. Here are some benefits they cite:
  • 51 percent of participants say they work harder and perform better
  • 59 percent say they have more energy and are more productive
  • Employees expect their employers to offer wellness programs
  • 45 percent say that health-related programs encourage them to stay in their current position
  • 43 percent say they miss fewer days of work as a result of wellness programs

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