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Weight loss, Fitness & Nutrition Plans

A team approach to weight loss, training and eating right for long-term health. Contact us to discuss which program is right for you or to customize your own weight-loss or nutrition program.
Amai Smart Slimming This 3-month program can be renewed or transitioned to AMAI Tone & Maintain. Plan includes:
  • 24 Personal training sessions.
  • 12 Nutrition counseling and education visits
  • 1 Cardio/Metabolic Screening (EKG and laboratory analysis)
  • 2 Body composition measurements
Amai Tone & Maintain A renewable 3-month program to maintain weight with nutrition and conditioning. Plan includes:
  • 12 Personal training sessions
  • 3 Nutrition counseling and education visit per month
  • 1 Body composition analysis
Amai Personal Nutrition An individualized plan to create a foundation for healthy eating. Plan includes:
  • Comprehensive nutrition evaluation
  • 11 nutrition counseling and education visits
  • Cardio/Metabolic Screening
  • Fitness evaluation
  • Body composition analysis + follow up check
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