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The AMAI Experience

In Japanese, "amai" can mean sweet or indulgence.  For our clients, it's the feeling that comes from receiving the comprehensive care and personal attention that their health deserves.
There's nothing more important than your health. At Amai we offer the attentive, personalized healthcare you deserve.
By integrating the perspectives of key health disciplines - Medicine, Nutrition, Fitness and Psychology - only Amai provides total 360º wellness under one roof, treating illness and enhancing health with a collaborative and proactive approach.
Whether you've been diagnosed with a serious condition, are managing a chronic illness or just want to take your health to the next level, experience the difference Amai makes.
With a full range of customizable treatment plans, Amai goes far beyond concierge medicine to create a wellness relationship.
  • Comprehensive, synergistic care from a team of healthcare practitioners
  • Compassionate, attentive care
  • A Personalized Health and Wellness plan
  • Ongoing medical advocacy and consulting
  • An unprecedented level of patient communication and education
  • A higher level of access to your physician and practitioners
  • Services available at your home or office
  • Available amenities such as limousine pickup and more
  • Prompt scheduling and convenient hours
  • State-of-the-art facilities
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