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AMAI Services

AMAI offers a complete suite of customizable treatment plans, ensuring you the optimum level of care. Contact us for more details and to discuss which option is right for you.

Individual Practitioner Consultations

Schedule appointments with any of our health professionals on an as-needed basis.

  • AMAI Medicine Internal Medicine & Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
  • AMAI Nutrition Nutrition Counseling & Education
  • AMAI Fitness Personal Training & Sports Performance Coaching
  • AMAI Psychology Life Coaching, Sports Psychology, Test Taking & Performance Anxiety, Traditional Psychotherapy

Personal Medical Plans

Our individual annual plans offer unsurpassed team-based care and virtually unlimited access to your practitioners plus a Personalized Medical and Wellness Plan.

  • AMAI Comprehensive CareMedical care from Dr. Pinzone plus nutritionist support for a proactive approach to wellness
  • AMAI Premium Care Medical care from Dr. Pinzone integrated with wellness support from AMAI’s Dietician and Personal Trainer.
  • AMAI Ultimate Care The fullest embodiment of AMAI's principals, integrating medicine, nutrition and fitness. Includes 150 annual practitioner visits – in our offices or at your home or workplace.

Weight loss, Fitness & Nutrition Plans

A team approach to weight loss, training and eating right for long-term health.

Disease-Support Plans

Specialized programs, coordinated with your specialist, to optimize total wellness as you manage a serious condition.

Workplace Wellness Plans

Lets employers take advantage of new changes in health care laws to incentivize workers with a medical/nutrition/fitness wellness program that can lower premiums and improve employee health.

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