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Relationship Matters In Health Care Medical Concierge Services in Santa Monica

Medical care has gained so much from the steady progress of knowledge and technology that it's easy to forget about what it has lost. The oldest generations remember when doctors came to the house, often carrying decades of family health history in their heads. Health care wasn't offered by a hurried stranger, knowledgeable about diseases and symptoms as they present in the average person, able to cite statistics and studies, but with little personal knowledge of the people that make up the fast paced, 7 minutes per visit parade of patients. Medical concierge services (Santa Monica Offices) offer a way to reverse that trend.
The relationship element of medical care has been left in the past, and care has suffered not just in psychological measures, but also in the more concrete terms of measurable outcomes. Medical concierge services bring that vital element back into modern health care. Diagnosing and treating health problems is not merely a formulaic activity of plugging in certain symptoms and arriving at the answer. To be at its most effective, diagnosing and treating health conditions must rest on a foundation of relationship.
Relationships improve the quality of care. Being familiar with family medical history can help shape preventative medicine efforts toward decreasing a patient's chance of developing common family health problems, like diabetes. Spending more time with a patient allows a doctor to move beyond surface symptoms to go deeper for more personalized diagnosis and treatment plans. When there's only time to scratch the surface, misdiagnosis rates can increase. A sort of diagnosing shorthand can develop, relying heavily on the law of averages regarding what a set of symptoms typically means.
Doctors know relationships matter. After all, those doctors the older generation recalls with nostalgia, that's the type of care many doctors idealized during medical school. A March 27, 2013, Forbes article noted the dissatisfaction many doctors feel today, along with a nagging awareness that they are not providing the level of care they can or should. It's just not possible to offer the care quality they were taught that each patient deserves, not with the assembly-line style clinics so common today. They simply are not allotted the time to do so.
Our medical concierge services let doctors and patients get back to the roots of medical care, while enjoying state-of-the-art medical techniques and technologies. We offer the full range of health care services, including those that preserve health, like nutrition and fitness services, and those designed to support complex diseases. Mental health is linked to physical well-being, making psychological care an important part of our services. We strive to nurture relationship-based care, promoting better long-term health and well-being, through our medical concierge services.
Author Dr. Joseph J. Pinzone serves as the primary concierge physician for AMAI patients, board-certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.
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