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If you are a male and you have low libido, meaning low desire for sex, low testosterone, or you have erectile dysfunction, then you should consider seeing an endocrinologist. An endocrinologist could diagnose where in the body the problem is. For example, maybe you have a pituitary problem that is resulting in low testosterone. Or perhaps you have a testicular issue. Either way, an endocrinologist can help to replace the testosterone.
Another manifestation of low testosterone is low muscle mass and an increase in fat mass. If you notice a change in your sexual desire, and you’ve noticed you’re fatter around the middle, you’re not energetic, you should get checked for low testosterone. An endocrinologist is an expert in replacing low testosterone, in addition to diagnosing why you have low testosterone to begin with. An endocrinologist is going to go further into the cause that may unmask additional, more serious, issues. Simply replacing the missing hormone will not necessarily get to the root of the problem.
In addition, women who have a lower sex drive, or who have their periods stop, or experience discharge from their breast should see an endocrinologist. For the exact same reason as the example of men above. So that they can diagnose the root cause of the issue, and treat it properly from a much deeper and overall more effective level.
Endocrinologists are better equipped at determining all the various causes of a problem. Instead of dealing simply giving hormone treatments, endocrinologists are able to go to a much deeper level in all the possible causes and potentially discover much more serious ailments. Seeing an endocrinologist can save your life.
Author Dr. Joseph J. Pinzone serves as the endocrinologist and primary concierge medicine physician for AMAI patients, board-certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.
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