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Concierge Doctors: Bringing Old-Fashioned Caring into Our Modern Medical Age Concierge Physician in Santa Monica

If you have come to dread seeking medical care, you're not alone. Many people are frustrated with the process, tired of waiting weeks or even months to be fit into the schedules of busy specialists. Then, patients are often treated to long wait times, spending an hour or two reading last year's magazines, only to have a hurried and impersonal ten minute visit with the doctor. Such is the state of many medical facilities in today's overburdened health care system, and many doctors are just as unhappy as their patients. However, there is a better solution to those hassles than avoiding medical care – concierge physician (Santa Monica Offices) services.
The average doctor today is under a great deal of pressure to see as many patients as possible every day. That pressure stems primarily from the managed care model that emerged in the 1980's, quickly becoming the standard throughout the medical industry. The managed care movement, while begun with the good intention of creating a more efficient, less costly system, has had unintended consequences, as insurance companies negotiated lower fees for doctors. Those ever-sinking fees per patient made it necessary for physicians to see more patients per day in order to meet their financial obligations. Those shorter, rushed visits have eroded traditional doctor-patient relationships, which are a critical element of effective medical care and management.
Concierge physician services are a growing segment of the health care industry as patients and doctors seek a return to the personal atmosphere that was once the norm. As was the case decades ago, patients want to see a doctor who knows them, their lifestyle and their unique medical histories. A physician who has the time and patience to listen to their concerns and answer their questions in detail. That sort of atmosphere not only offers a much more comfortable experience for both doctor and patient, it is the very foundation of effective medical care.
AMAI concierge physician services have brought that comfortable and personal doctor-patient relationship into the modern age, combining those old-fashioned principles with the latest advances in medical care and management. As an AMAI client, you will receive an unmatched level of personal attention, service and access from an integrated team of health care providers. Through the combined education, talent and experience of the members of that team, AMAI has assembled four key health disciplines under one roof, creating a Santa Monica concierge physician service that is able to offer a comprehensive and synergistic approach to care, offering services that range from specialties like internal medicine, endocrinology and psychology to wellness care, such as nutrition education and counseling, personal training and sports performance coaching, among many others.
Author Dr. Joseph J. Pinzone serves as the primary concierge physician for AMAI patients, board-certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.
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