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Concierge Medicine: The Ideal Environment for Effective Management of Endocrine Disorders Concierge Medicine in Santa Monica

An endocrinologist is specialist in the diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases and disorders that affect the endocrine system, which is the system of glands that produce and regulate hormones throughout the body. These hormones regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep and mood, among other essential bodily functions. Common diseases and disorders of the endocrine system include diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, menopausal hormone imbalances, infertility, osteoporosis, cancers of the endocrine glands, adrenal gland dysfunctions, and metabolic diseases.
Diseases and disorders of the endocrine system are complex, multifaceted conditions that have wide-ranging affects throughout the body. Optimal treatment and management to minimize those effects requires the skill and expertise of an endocrinologist as well as the assistance of a number of other health care providers, including a primary care physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists or fitness specialists, counselors and lifestyle coaches, among others. Careful coordination and communication among these providers is essential to effective care.
Unfortunately, efficient coordination and planning can be difficult in today's fragmented and overburdened medical system, compromising quality of care. Evaluations, test results and treatment plans often must be shuffled from one office to another, and much can be lost in the translation. Patient's themselves aren't always able to convey important details gleaned from one professional to another, as time pressures can make detailed discussion between endocrinologist and patient difficult.
For these reasons and others, patients who require efficient management of endocrine disorders or other complex health issues can often be better served by concierge medicine, an option that offers a comprehensive, integrated and personalized approach to the management of both chronic health issues and everyday health and wellness. Concierge medicine combines state-of-the-art medical care and coordination with the old-fashioned time and attention, an entirely different experience than the standard 11 minute doctor visit after long waiting room queues.
With concierge medicine (Santa Monica Office), patients receive care from and integrated team medical doctors, specialists and health care providers, all within the same practice. For patients with endocrine diseases or disorders, this creates an ideal environment for effective health management. For instance, in diabetes care, an endocrinologist can easily and efficiently collaborate, face-to-face, with nutritionists and personal trainers to devise a comprehensive plan for the control of blood-glucose levels and weight management.
Whether you are struggling with the management of complex health problems or are interested in personalized, holistic, preventive care to maintain optimal health and well-being, concierge medicine (Santa Monica Office) offers a unique and effective approach to meeting your health care needs. Our staff is focused on building solid, personal working relationships with patients, placing primary emphasis on the quality of patient interactions, rather then the quantity.
Author Dr. Joseph J. Pinzone serves as the primary concierge medicine physician for AMAI patients, board-certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.
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