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AMAI Practice Disciplines

Amai Medicine
Primary Medical Care • Coordinated Care • Patient Advocacy • Education
Joseph J. Pinzone, MD, MBA, CEO and Medical Director Serves as the primary physician for AMAI patients, board-certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.
The cornerstone of Amai's integrated services, Amai Medicine provides primary medical care, spearheads Amai team wellness programs and disease-specific plans. We offer referrals to specialists where needed and provide patients with the education and medical advocacy so they'll be informed, engaged and empowered to live their most healthful lives. 
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Amai Nutrition 
Nutrition Counseling & Education 
Learn more about our Amai Service plans. 
  Amai Psychology 
Life Coaching, Sports Psychology, Test Taking & Performance Anxiety, Traditional Psychotherapy 
Because emotional wellbeing is so closely tied to physical health, Amai has the ability to coordinate care with our two in-house mental health professionals. Drs. Bauer and Schur can meet with patients independently or as part of a team wellness approach to managing a major illness or improving general health. 
Amai Fitness 
Personal Training & Sports Performance Coaching 
Amai Fitness offers personal training and sports performance coaching to adults and children of all abilities, from beginners to elite athletes. With a fully equipped in-house gym or the ability to train you in your home or office, we offer busy clients the ultimate in convenience. When engaged as part of one of Amai's team wellness programs, our fitness practitioners will create a training plan coordinated with Dr. Pinzone or your own physician to complement your treatment and promote optimal wellness. 
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