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Who Can Benefit From AMAI?

I’d like to better manage a chronic condition…

If you've just been diagnosed with a chronic ailment or have been managing it for years, Amai's total care approach can improve your everyday wellbeing.

  • Patients that can benefit from Amai's 360º perspective include those managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, MS and other autoimmune syndromes, allergies, digestive disorders and many more.
  • Amai will create a personalize Strategic Health & Wellness Plan
  • Our medical team will provide continuous counseling and education to make you informed and engaged in your treatment.
  • If you currently have a specialist, we'll coordinate our care with your ongoing treatment to ensure optimal results.
  • Amai offers specialized packages Amai Diabetes Support and Amai Kidney Support for diabetic and dialysis patients. Additional care plans can be customized just for you.
I’ve just been diagnosed with a serious medical condition…

If you're facing cancer, heart disease or other serious illness, Amai will identify and coordinate the most effective treatment quickly, offering peace of mind and starting you on the road to recovery.

  • A physician and leading researcher, Amai Medical Director Dr. Joseph J. Pinzone is familiar with the latest advancements, can refer you to the area's leading specialists and will explain the course of treatment so you're more empowered in the process.
  • Throughout treatment, our team will closely monitor your progress.
  • We'll advocate for you with your hospital and specialist so you're always in the loop and treated with the dignified care you deserve.
  • Amai will create a personalized wellness plan in conjunction with your specialist that accounts for your specific condition and your specific health needs
  • Amai practitioners will work to improve your medical, nutritional, fitness and psychological well-being - coordinated care for optimal results.
  • Amai offers specialized packages Amai Cancer Support and Amai Heart Support for cancer and heart patients. Additional care plans can be customized just for you.
I’m healthy, but want to take my wellness to the next level…

Improving health and preventing illness take a proactive approach. Amai's dynamic wellness care enhances each of the four fundamental keys to health - medicine, nutrition, fitness and psychology.

  • Amai experts from each area will conduct a thorough evaluation of your needs and wellness goals.
  • Together, we'll formulate a personal wellness plan with actionable targets
  • As your needs and goals change, we'll adjust and reformulate your personal plan.
  • Amai Ultimate Care is the ultimate formulation of our total wellness strategy. But we can formulate a personal plan for almost any goals and budget.
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