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    The uncompromised level of medical care you deserve.

    We give clients an unmatched level of attention, service and access from an integrated team of health practitioners.


  • Who can benefit from AMAI?

    I'm healthy, but want to take my wellness to the next level...


  • Who can benefit from AMAI?

    I'd like to better manage a chronic condition...


  • Who can benefit from AMAI?

    I've just been diagnosed with a serious medical condition...


What makes Amai a better healthcare experience?

The uncompromised level of medical care you deserve. We give clients an unmatched level of attention, service and access from an integrated team of health practitioners.
A synergistic team approach. Because medical issues rarely have a single cause or cure, Amai's unique approach integrates the perspectives of medicine, nutrition, fitness and psychology to evaluate and treat patients in a holistic way.
A richer relationship between practitioners and patient that engages and empowers the individual to live a healthful life.
Four key health and wellness disciplines integrated under one roof:
  • Amai Medicine • Internal Medicine • Endocrinology, Diabetes • Metabolism
  • Amai Nutrition • Nutrition Counseling • Education
  • Amai Fitness • Personal Training & Sports Performance Coaching
  • Amai Psychology • Life Coaching, Sports Psychology, Test Taking & Performance Anxiety, Traditional Psychotherapy


Collective Expertise

Our team of health professionals will design your ideal wellness plan
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Personalized Plans

Custom-tailored to your specific goals, your wellness plan becomes our mission.
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A Holistic Approach

Integrating medicine, nutrition, fitness and psychology
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Joseph J. Pinzone, MD

CEO & Medical Director


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Dr. Pinzone serves as CEO & Medical Director of AMAI an innovative medical and wellness practice, and is Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.Go to Dr. Pinzone's Blog


  • "[Dr. Pinzone] was incredible - he's an allopathic doctor with a holistic approach to treatment. A VERY rare gem in his field indeed. He spent twice as long with me and treated me with amazing sensitivity, kindness, and genuine care. I was completely blown away with his humanistic, holistic approach to my situation."
  • "I am in the medical industry so I can be very picky when I see a new doctor! However, Dr. Pinzone and his staff blew me away! I was greeted right away and after filling out the paperwork I was seen within minutes. My consultation with the doctor was very detailed. He spent more time learning about my medical history than any other doctor or specialty doctor I have ever seen. Once he finished my intake, he then did the comprehensive exam. After the exam, we sat and he explained everything in detail, including the labs that he was doing and why. Bottom line, at the end of the visit, I walked out with a diagnosis that I feel like i have been waiting for for years. Amazing bed side manner and a doctor that you can tell really cares for his patients, and most importantly a doctor you can trust!"

Dr. Pinzone's Book

Fireballs in my Eucharist- Fight Cancer Smarter

Fireballs in my Eucharist

During my medical training, I evaluated a middle-aged woman whom I had not previously met. I asked her about any past medical problems. She responded, "I have fireballs in my Eucharist." After asking a few more questions, I realized that what she meant to say was: "I have fibroids in my uterus." This encounter touched me deeply. This woman's "fireballs" helped me realize that patient education is critical particularly when it comes to the often-confusing and complex topic of cancer and its therapy. Educating yourself about your disease, anticipating the mental and physical challenges, learning to better navigate the medical system, and leveraging skill sets that you have developed in other areas of your life, just might save your life.
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